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Hey you.

“Michael has his hands in everything.”


greetings & salutationS

Well, hello there.

You’re a maker, designer, dreamer, doer.
I’m a planner, thinker, mover and shaker.
You can make and do the fun things and I’ll be the business brains.

You be you. I’ll be me. We can be us.


at first sight


Sometimes, you just know.  


Michael is an amazing stylist, brand developer, social media strategist, number cruncher and really one of those people who is just good at everything. He listens fully to my vision, then brainstorms and offers input on ways to make it come to life in the best way possible. He turned my vision into a reality, and even better than what I could have imagined! Michael really cares, and takes pride in his work!
We think that Michael is an exceptional marketeer and feel extremely lucky to have him working for us. We hired Michael at the end of 2015, and since hiring him we have experienced almost 100% increase in sales for both companies so far for 2016!

Not only has his services increased the rate at which we are receiving re-orders from our retailers, but we have also seen a drastic increase in new retailer applications and new accounts opened.
— Carol Hunter, Saltwash
Hiring Michael to work for my business has been the best decision that I have made this year. I’ve been considering hiring him for years but the expense kept me from moving forward. Hiring him has freed up 10-16 hours per week; time for me to actually be at the bench and make jewelry, what I am best at, while allowing him to take over what he is best at. I told him after working together for several months, “I know that you work for a lot of other people, but I feel like you are only working for me!” He’s extremely creative, prompt, organized, and gets things done immediately! I honestly don’t know how I was running my business without him!


My Promise.

I want us to work.  Here’s what I can offer:


I’m not afraid to share my first impression, gut reactions, and opinions. It’s my experience that anyone serious about their business prefers to hear those things up front. It’s called the best policy for a reason.


Designers, makers, dreamers and innovators are my people. I will use what I have learned from managing a collective of creative humans to take your dream to the next level.

Thoughtful feedback

My responses are as valuable as your ideas. Expect consideration.

About Me

Hi, I'm Michael

I like black coffee and big ideas.